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The Regions of Georgia: One Great State. Thousands of Success Stories.

Georgia: We Have Your Business on Our Mind

There are many reasons why Georgia has set records as the – seven years in a row. Communities across the state recognize the power of working together, the value of understanding the needs of businesses like yours and the abundant opportunities to create a quality of life in Georgia that feeds your soul.   

Learn more about Georgia’s business successes and welcoming lifestyle by exploring the 12 economic development regions of Georgia shown on the map. 

Need more information? Contact us to connect with one of our regional project managers who live and work throughout the state, along with the department’s statewide project managers. To learn more about the different regions of Georgia, select an area on the dropdown menu below.

A capable workforce and convenient proximity. Just two reasons why businesses and hardworking Georgians are finding success in northwest Georgia.
Find concentrations in manufacturing, construction, retail and wholesale trade, educational services, and popular tourist destinations in northeast Georgia.
Home to 15 Fortune 500 and 26 Fortune 1000 companies, along with a highly skilled workforce of over 2.5M residents.
Home to West Georgia Technical College and the University of West Georgia, plus vehicle manufacturing and more.
A labor force of 300,000, including 60% with some college or more service a diverse industry base including manufacturing, food processing, call/data centers, and logistics distribution.
General construction, banking and finance, healthcare, and public administration account for the top four industries in the region, which offers a labor force of 227,000.
Home to Georgia’s Cyber Center of Excellence and a labor force of 225,000, a talented workforce abounds along with Augusta Technical College, Georgia Military College and Middle Georgia State University.
Agribusiness and agritourism highlight the region's deep agricultural roots. International financial and supplemental insurance giant Aflac has also found great success in the region.
More than 18,000 businesses are finding success around the region, with room for more. Four more notable organizations have seen the opportunities here and are slated expansions or relocations to the area.
Multiple cutting-edge university technology programs and “local-first” initiatives by local leaders are elevating area communities and businesses.
Boasting excellent access to ports, rail and interstates, agriculture and manufacturing are economic drivers within a diverse industry base.
Offers a diverse economy with manufacturing, agriculture/agribusiness, port-related operations, government/military, tourism and film/television production all thriving symbiotically.