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Corporate Innovation Centers

With countless world-class innovation centers, accelerators, incubators, and makerspaces, Georgia’s technology ecosystem is exploding and being hailed as the “Silicon Valley of the South.”

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Corporate Innovation Centers

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No. 1

in Southeast for Total Tech Patents Granted

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Incubators & 20+ Makerspaces

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Barton Lowery
“Something is happening in Midtown Atlanta. Georgia Tech’s city-centered campus has become one of the nation’s leading destinations for corporate research centers…”
Harvard Business Review, 2018

More than 30 corporations have established innovation centers in metro Atlanta to ensure they are always evolving as the needs of industry change.
Coca-Cola Enterprises
Delta Air Lines
The Home Depot
Southern Company
“[Atlanta] has a unique mix of highly educated professionals and job opportunities in the tech industry that are quickly securing its place as an incredible place to start and grow a startup. If I could go back and start FIXD again, I would start it in Atlanta ten times out of ten.”
John Gattuso, CEO of FIXD


With the presence of top-tier research universities – including Georgia Tech, the University of Georgia, Emory University and Georgia State University – and a robust startup density of accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces, Georgia is at the forefront of talent recruitment, technology development, and collaboration across public and private sectors. Georgia Tech specifically is one of the nation’s leading producers of highly sought-after tech talent, ranking in the Top 5 Engineering Schools in the nation.
  • More engineering students enrolled at the graduate level than Berkeley and Stanford combined.
  • More female engineers than any other U.S. school.
  • No. 1 for output of African-American engineers at the graduate level (No. 2 at the undergraduate level behind North Carolina A&T).
  • Innovation for Advanced Computing opens March 2019.
Your company or startup’s success depends on recruiting, training and retaining quality talent. And in Georgia, we are committed to providing the best talent and opportunities in the U.S. for your continued growth.

Learn more about Georgia's Talent and Workforce

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Tech Square

Strategically located where Georgia Tech’s campus and Midtown Atlanta’s business scene converge, Tech Square is a one-block area home to the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) and dozens of global brands with innovation centers, incubators, accelerators and high-tech spaces. This is where companies come to innovate.
Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Global Learning Center
The Biltmore Google for Entrepreneurs
Centergy One Sandbox ATL
CODA (Opening March 2019) Tech Square Labs
CREATE-X Tech Square Ventures
The Garage Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)
Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center Technology Square Research Building
Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business Venture Lab

Learn more about Georgia's Talent and Workforce

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Atlanta Tech Village

Established by David Cummings, founder of Pardot., Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead also offers world-class co-working and mentoring environments.
  • 4th-largest entrepreneurial tech hub in the U.S.
  • Home to 300+ startup firms.
  • 10 “graduate” firms, having grown beyond 40 employees and received additional rounds of funding.
Surrounding the Village, other tech businesses have grown – including AWS, Marketo Software, Salesforce, Wipro and GE Digital. And additional co-working spaces have opened adjacent to it, including Roam and WeWork.
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Ponce City Market

In Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward district, a 2-million square-foot former Sears distribution facility was bought by a development firm and turned into Ponce City Market (PCM) – a mecca of multi-use apartments, retail and office/co-working spaces right on the city’s BeltLine. Countless companies like MailChimp, athenahealth, Cardlytics, Airbus Aerial, and Twitter call PCM home. And North Avenue, the 2.3 mile corridor between PCM and Georgia Tech’s campus, is transforming into a 5G Smart Cities laboratory – serving as a public demo with over 100 IoT sensors, adaptive signal timing systems, and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.
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Georgia’s corporate tax rate has remained low at 6% for 50 years*, and it’s based on one factor: your sales inside Georgia. When you learn about our jobs tax credit and other incentives available to corporations, technology companies and startups, you’ll know why so many view Georgia as the best place for business.

Learn more about Georgia’s Incentives and Taxes

*Effective January 2019, the corporate tax rate will lower to 5.75%.

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