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In today’s world, innovative and sustainable energy solutions are more pertinent than ever. With bioenergy projected to pump over $5 billion into the state economy over the next 10 years, Georgia is committed to helping manufacturers and tech companies build a strong ecosystem of renewable, solar and clean energy solutions.
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Barton Lowery

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Leading Source
of Sustainable Biomass in the U.S. 
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No. 1
in the U.S. for Commercial Timberland
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Up to 10% Tax Credit on Increased R&D Expenses
“Georgia has become the clean energy manufacturing heart of America.”
Justin Lee, CEO Qcells


Georgia’s energy solutions providers can accelerate the development of renewable energy products, lower risk and reduce costs with access to innovative industry research, renewable natural resources and alternative energy crops, a global logistics “super network” and smart tax incentives. In Georgia, energy solutions companies are at the forefront of that change, leading the state and the nation into an era of greater sustainability and clean energy resources. GE Energy has established its headquarters and world-class Smart Grid division in metro Atlanta, and Georgia Biomass LLC has the world’s largest renewable energy capacity of wood pellets.
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Talent and Education

Your company depends on recruiting, training, and retaining quality talent. Through Georgia’s leading universities, research programs, and public-private partnerships, you will have continued access to a strong pipeline of qualified workforce talent. Georgia programs include:
  • Georgia Tech’s works to improve technology for ultra-low emission vehicles, distributed stationary power supplies and wireless telecommunications.
  • Georgia Tech’s – one of two in the U.S. – provides training and education, improves PV technology and devices, and fabricates record high efficiency solar cells.
  • The Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) accelerates economic growth within Georgia’s Smart Grid companies.

Additionally, Georgia offers qualifying companies access to customized workforce training at no cost. Continuously ranked the No. 1 workforce training program in the nation, Georgia Quick Start is the premier partner for developing and delivering a strategic workforce.

Learn more about Georgia’s Workforce and Education.

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The Ray
The Ray Executive Director Allie Kelly sums up why The Ray is such an exciting project for the State of Georgia.

“Every day you read another news article about autonomous cars or the future of transportation and flying around in your own helicopter taxi, but what The Ray is doing is it’s making those future concepts and technologies real today in a working environment.”

Center of Innovation for Energy Technology

The Center of Innovation for Energy Technology provides free consultation to Georgia energy firms to help accelerate energy solutions. The Center:
  • helps companies commercialize new products, services and business models.
  • coordinates the Bioenergy One Stop Shop – an opportunity for companies to present their bioenergy projects to representatives from a multitude of state and federal agencies.
  • connects companies with university research, industry expertise and Georgia resources in the energy industry.
  • connects companies with potential funding sources.

Learn more about the Centers of Innovation for Energy Technology

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Pro-business legislation and a favorable tax climate make Georgia the place to do business.Learn more about Georgia’s Incentives and Taxes.

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