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International Trade Team

GDEcD and its  assist hundreds of Georgia companies each year with their expansion of exports. Georgia’s division of trade professionals are nationally recognized for quality services. GDEcD received the Presidential E-Star Award again in 2020, the highest honor in the nation for excellence in exporting. GDEcD is now the first entity in the nation to earn a fourth “E” Award. Partnerships are at the core of trade services, providing guidance, advice and critical business expertise to help companies accelerate exports and job growth in Georgia.

International Trade Team Contacts

Name Title Phone
Mary Waters Deputy Commissioner 404.962.4120
Lizann Grupalo Division Director 404.623.3699
Alice Carson Sr. International Trade Manager 404.962.4112
Taube Ponce Sr. International Trade Manager 404.962.4118
Juan Cuellar Sr. International Trade Manager 404.962.4124
Knali Price Associate International Trade Manager 404.962.4091
Jacob Anderson Associate International Trade Manager 404.962.4826
Tobias Kim Associate International Trade Manager 404.962.4061
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