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King’s Hawaiian

“Wherever our future takes us, Georgia will be a part of it.”
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Food Processing

Food processing companies in Georgia develop and distribute the best products for consumers at low cost because of the state’s leading agricultural sector, access to quality talent, and an advanced transportation and logistics network. Companies of all sizes produce an array of products spanning every region of the state. From Georgia, these businesses can quickly and efficiently access the Southeastern U.S. market, the fastest-growing region in the country. It’s no wonder almost half of the country’s top 100 food processing companies have operations in Georgia.

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Food Processing Facilities in Georgia
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Global Public Refrigerated Warehousing Companies Have Locations in Georgia
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Cubic Feet Cold Storage Space
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Start the Conversation
Barton Lowery
“Georgia feels like the perfect place. [T]here’s so much room for expansion – literally and figuratively – in Alma, not to mention the close proximity to the third-largest port in the U.S., the Port of Savannah. It gives us both full access to the East Coast and the possibility to get the incoming shipments of our canned tomatoes from Italy. Last, but not least, the wide offer of dedicated workforce and all the consistent and excellent support the State of Georgia has provided us with has been of vital importance to us.”
Felice Romano, President, La Regina

Ingredients for Success

When it comes to food processing, we know your products must be manufactured, transported and delivered quickly and on time.  With an extensive logistics and supply chain infrastructure – as well as access to premier cold storage facilities – food processing companies in Georgia stay competitive and reach global customers and markets seamlessly. If you are in the business of moving product quickly and efficiently, Georgia’s got you covered.
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For more on Georgia’s food processing industry, view our brochure. 
Here are just a few of the more than 1,500 food and beverage processing companies that call Georgia home
Fresh Express
Keurig Green Mountain
King & Prince Seafood
King's Hawaiian
Kraft Foods
Sara Lee

Logistics & Infrastructure

Essential to success is a company’s ability to quickly and efficiently move product in and move product out. Ranked No. 1 for logistics and infrastructure (Area Development, 2020), Georgia offers a robust rail and highway infrastructure and is home to the most traveled airport in the world (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport) and the fastest-growing port in the nation (Port of Savannah) – all of which keep companies moving, growing and thriving.  Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is not only the world’s busiest and most efficient airport, but it also has the 12th largest air cargo hub in North America. The airport’s three cargo complexes provide more than 2 million square feet of warehousing. With the Port of Savannah, you get access to the largest single container terminal in North America and two on-terminal Class I railroads (Norfolk Southern and CSX) – making it is easy to transport your product across the U.S. and around the world.  Georgia’s on-terminal rail facility, the largest in North America, and top-ranked interstate highway systems are designed to help you quickly move products across the nation.

Learn more about Georgia’s Logistics and Infrastructure

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“When we looked around the Southeast for the ideal location for these two facilities, Georgia really stood out. Georgia is home to a wide variety of food manufacturers, tremendous temperature controlled logistics partners, and a world-class port in Savannah”
Agile President and CEO Don Schoenl


In Georgia, companies can ensure speedy and efficient distribution of products with access to 60+ warehouses, 200 freight forwarders, and extensive rail and highway systems. Georgia’s extensive logistics line-up of distribution and warehousing companies strengthens your business’s reach to customers quickly and efficiently.
  • 85% of the world’s top 3PLs operate in Georgia.
  • The Port of Savannah has a greater refrigerated container capacity than any East or Gulf Coast terminal, with more than 2,000 reefer rack slots.
  • 67 cold chain facilities located in Georgia with 189 million cubic square space.

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Your company’s production depends on recruiting, training, and retaining quality talent and skilled workers. Georgia is committed to providing food processing companies a strong pipeline of qualified labor. Georgia has the 2nd largest labor force in the Southeast, made up of more than 5.1 million people. In fact, Area Development ranked Georgia as #1 for competitive labor environment (2020) and the workforce is continuously refreshed by the growing number of people who move to the state. Lanier Technical College’s ammonia refrigeration training program is one of only a few in the U.S. and is the official IARW-WFLO Ammonia Refrigeration Training Program. Corporate training contracts include Kroger, Nestlé, Perdue Farms, Schreiber Foods, Tyson Foods and ConAgra Foods. Additionally, Georgia offers qualifying companies access to customized workforce training at no cost. Continuously ranked the No. 1 workforce training program in the nation, Georgia Quick Start is the premier partner for developing and delivering a strategic workforce.

Learn more about Georgia’s Talent and Workforce 

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Our top-ranked interstate highway system is designed to easily move products across Georgia, and out to neighboring states. Georgia’s 1,200 miles of interstate highways, including I-75, I-85, I-95 and I-20, and 20,000 miles of federal and state highways, keep companies moving quickly and efficiently. With 5,000 miles of rail, Georgia has the most extensive rail system and largest intermodal hub in the Southeast. Georgia is served by two Class I railroads – CSX and Norfolk Southern – and 24 short-line companies.

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The Center of Innovation for Logistics provides free consultation to Georgia companies, with analysis tailored to your business. This analysis can help you:
  • Compare logistical benefits between potential sites
  • Evaluate road/rail routes and shipping lanes to recommend your best options
  • Gather pricing estimates for shipping and storage
  • Connect to providers of logistics, shipping and storage that best fit your needs

Learn more about the Centers of Innovation for Logistics

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The specialized Center of Innovation and Georgia’s experienced economic development team are a significant incentives dedicated to producing positive results for businesses and identifying ways to reduce costs, ensure a highly trained workforce, and help businesses grow. Georgia’s business-friendly government offers a menu of specialized opportunities to help reduce interruptions to maintain a continuous flow for business success. Georgia’s corporate tax rate of 5.75% is among the lowest in the nation, and it’s based on one factor: your sales inside Georgia. When you learn about our jobs tax credit and other incentives, you’ll know why so many food processing companies view Georgia as the best place for their business.

Learn more about Georgia’s Incentives and Taxes. 

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Site Selector

Find the perfect location for your business in Georgia. Explore available buildings, sites and business and demographic data.   

Real Success

Explore real-world case examples of companies taking advantage of the unique resources we offer to help companies compete and grow.

Small Business

Explore information, resources and opportunities for starting, growing or financing your small business in Georgia.

Expansion Services

Expanding your company’s footprint in Georgia is made easier with our team of experts located in 12 regions around the state.


Connect with Georgia’s international trade team for customized export assistance and international opportunities to grow your Georgia business.

Center of Innovation

The state’s leading resource for facilitating business innovation, we help companies translate new ideas and technologies into commercially viable products and services.
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