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Marketing and Communications Contacts

Mark Jaronski Chief Marketing Officer 404.962.4082
Jonathan Bennett Administrative Manager 404.962.4083
Alphonso Murchison Division Coordinator 404.962.4089
Caleah Morrow Administrative Services Coordinator 404.962.4114
Account Management
Steve Hearn Director of Account Management 404.962.4116
Rebecca Harris Marketing Account Manager 404.962.4183
Lauren Souther Marketing Account Manager 404.962.4038
Allyson Walker Marketing Account Manager 404.962.4084
Marie Hodge Gordon Executive Director of Communications 404.962.4075
Jessica Atwell Communications Manager 
* Media Inquiries
Allie Dean Communications Manager 404.962.4012
Cayla Shoup Communications Manager 404.962.4078
Brand Marketing
Meggan Hood Managing Director, Brand Marketing 404.962.4174
Campaign Marketing
Regan Young Director, Campaign Marketing 404.962.4188
Deja Preuitt Marketing Manager 404.962.4080
Travis Brown Digital Content Producer 404.967.9905
Creative Services  
Eduardo Lleras Art Director 404.962.4064
Digital Marketing
Janet Louboutin Director of Digital Marketing 404.962.4838
Allie Gambrel Digital Projects and Content Specialist 404.962.4029
Lindsay Isaacs Website Content Manager 404.962.4835
Milan Johnson Social Media Manager 404.962.4040
Dr. Ashley Barfield Director, Tourism Research 404.962.4087
Bryan Berger Marketing & Research Analyst 404.962.4844
Department Fax: 404.962.4076
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