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Georgia's Global Advantage

Georgia has a vibrant international community comprised of companies from around the world, representation from approximately 70 foreign governments, and a diverse population served by international schools, markets, restaurants, festivals, and cultural events. Plus, we’re home to the busiest airport in the world and the fastest-growing port in the country. Georgia’s global advantage works to your advantage.

The world comes to Georgia – and stays

Porsche, Adidas, Kia, and thousands of other international companies have planted roots in Georgia (see who’s here by searching our database).

Employees of these international brands find a welcoming home in Georgia: The state has many thriving international communities, with cultural centers, language schools, authentic cuisine, and educational exchanges. You can find the flavors of home across the state at restaurants and grocery stores specializing in food from Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Latin America, the Mediterranean, and more. For more than 40 years, the Atlanta Greek Festival has invited everyone to join in its celebration of authentic Greek cuisine, decadent desserts, live music, dancing, and more. Visitors to Macon, Georgia's International Cherry Blossom Festival enjoy the beauty of more than 350,000 Yoshino cherry trees in bloom, as delegates from that year’s featured nations share their heritage and cultures. Fiesta Latina brings food, music, and dance from the many cultures of Latin America to River Street in Savannah each year. You can make new business contacts and friends quickly here through business organizations and community-based groups. People who have lived in Georgia their whole lives and new neighbors from far away both find a warm welcome here.

Georgia is home to approximately 70 consulates, trade commissions, and bi-national chambers of commerce, many of which have been in our state for decades. Our international team maintains strong relationships with these countries and territories (read more on that below). So if you need help facilitating business – in the U.S. or abroad – you’ve got an immediate bridge.

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Global accessibility other states just don’t have

The busiest airport in the world – a model of travel efficiency – is right here in Georgia. So are two deep-water seaports (with a combined five terminals).  These assets give your company ready access to the rest of the world. Board a direct flight to 70 countries every day from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Ship and receive goods through ports that include the largest single-terminal container facility in North America.  All of this amounts to the ability to move people and product efficiently from Georgia to anywhere in the world. With an extensive rail system, the largest intermodal hub in the Southeast and six U.S. interstate highways, Georgia provides a gateway to the U.S. market.

Expanding your business in the U.S.

If you lead or represent a business based in another country and are looking to establish or expand your presence inside the U.S., Georgia is the partner you want at your side.  The international investment team in the Georgia Department of Economic Development is fluent in more than a dozen languages. They can:
  • Help identify greenfield sites and available buildings in Georgia that best meet your needs. 
  • Provide current data on available workforce, training programs, and average operating costs and taxes. 
  • Connect you with state agencies and other partners relevant to your business or industry.
  • Guide you to agencies and other resources for information on regulations and permitting. 

Once you’ve established operations here in Georgia, you’ll have access to all of the other benefits and services provided to Georgia companies – from workforce training and tax credits to help expanding international trade with other nations.

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Another global advantage: Overseas presence

Georgia’s international representatives in 12 strategic markets around the globe bring deep insights and trusted connections to partners in business and government.

These representatives are invaluable resources for any company looking to do business in or with Georgia. In Georgia, members of our international trade team work with companies in every region of the state to get more Georgia products and services into more international markets. They:

  • Provide market and industry intelligence (data, tools, resources).
  • Advise on how to expand exports, offering valuable insights into the local business practices of other countries. 
  • Locate and pre-qualify partners and customers in global markets. 
  • Generate “due diligence” reports on potential partners for export. 
  • Coordinate in-country appointments for Georgia companies visiting international markets. 
Georgia companies conducted an astounding $196 billion in total trade in 2022 to 221 countries and territories. Fifty-two percent of Georgia’s exports went to markets where the Georgia Department of Economic Development has a representative.

See how Georgia helps its businesses export more goods and services

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Why Georgia has such strong international relationships

It’s because we work at it. Georgia welcomes more than a million international visitors each year, and we’re home to many foreign diplomats and 1 million foreign-born residents. We take great care to forge and maintain strong bonds with people of other nations. 

Much of this relationship building begins with the international relations team of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, which promotes protocol and cultural awareness throughout the state.

This team of world-traveled, detail-oriented professionals helps communities across the state host dignitaries from around the world and coordinate logistics for Georgia’s leadership traveling overseas.

Learn more about Georgia’s strong relationships with other countries and territories

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