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International Investment

If your company is looking to establish, relocate or expand business operations in Georgia – look to our international investment team to help. We provide knowledge and advice to foreign nationals relocating to or doing business in America. Our seasoned team – fluent in more than a dozen languages – is ready and able to help you achieve your goals.
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International companies from 60 nations operate in 3,000 facilities throughout Georgia.
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Georgia's International Representatives

Georgia has international representatives located in 12 strategic markets to help facilitate international trade, investment and tourism leads. 


Here's why so many international companies choose Georgia as a place to establish or expand operations:
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Coryn Marsik
Director of International Investment

Workforce talent

More than 120,000 students graduate annually from Georgia’s 80+ colleges, technical colleges and universities across the state. Georgia Quick Start – ranked No. 1 workforce training program in America – provides free, customized and comprehensive workforce training solutions to qualified companies.

Global access and logistics

Because Georgia is located in the heart of the southeastern U.S. – one of the America’s fastest-growing and most populous regions – your company can reach 80% of the U.S. market within a two-hour flight or a two-day truck drive. The world’s most traveled and efficient passenger airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and the fastest-growing port in the nation, the Port of Savannah, offer global access from Georgia.

Competitive incentives

Our 5.75% corporate tax rate applies only to income earned in Georgia. And we provide a variety of valuable tax credits and tax exemptions, as well as inexpensive real estate, low utility costs and local incentives. Georgia is an attractive business location for all industries.

Site Selector

Find the perfect location for your business in Georgia. Explore available buildings, sites and business and demographic data.   

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German Investment in Georgia
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Japanese Investment in Georgia
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Korean Investment in Georgia
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Chinese Investment in Georgia

Consular offices in Georgia

68 foreign governments have an official presence in Georgia.    

Bi-national chambers of commerce

30+ bi-national chambers of commerce actively involved in Georgia's international business community.

Georgia's global market connections

A brief overview of Georgia's unique relationships with select countries and territories around the world.
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