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Global Commerce Contacts

Management & Administration
Kristi Brigman Deputy Commissioner 404.962.4037
Hillary Maddox Director of Operations 404.962.4825
Bob Kosek Division Director 404.962.4034
Carolyn Owens Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner 404.962.4822
Project Implementation
Hank Evans Director, Project Implementation and Corporate Development 678.367.7120
Alyce Thornhill Director, Project Implementation and Supplier Strategy 404.416.8094
Statewide Projects
Barton Lowery Director 404.962.4925
Kimberlyn Daniel Project Manager 470.714.4232
Connor Hall Project Manager 404.615.2672
Haley Casola Project Manager 470.602.1963
Caroline Knowles Project Manager 678.483.4099
Elizabeth McLean Sr. Project Manager 678.303.8462
John Soper Sr. Project Manager 404.962.4026
E. Jane Caraway Director, Life Sciences 404.962.4014
Virginia Sengewald Sr. Project Manager 404.962.4173
Mellissa Takeuchi Project Manager 404.962.4017
Entrepreneur and Small Business
Lindsay Martin Director 404.962.4823
International Investment
Coryn Marsik Director 404.962.4042
Korean Investment
Yoonie Kim Director 404.962.4129
Jacob Lee Project Manager 404.926.4179
Existing Industry And Regional Recruitment (EIRR) Team
Existing Georgia companies who want to expand and grow can find on-the-ground support from this team of multi-industry experts located in each of Georgia's 12 regions.
Michelle Shaw Director  678.640.4337
Lori Dowdy Sr. Project Manager | Region 1 404.387.3722
Brandon Lounsbury Project Manager | Region 2 404.859.5776
Fernanda Kirchner Sr. Project Manager | Region 3 404.962.4046
Candice Scott Sr. Project Manager | Region 6  404.217.6695
Adela Kelley Sr. Project Manager | Region 7 678.640.4353
Christy Bozeman Project Manager | Region 8 470.714.4295
Tina Herring Sr. Project Manager | Region 10 404.804.5580
Andrea Taylor Project Manager | Region 11 678.492.5655
Dorie Bacon Sr. Project Manager | Region 12 678.332.4080
Georgia Allies
Rachelle Goldstein Managing Director, Events and Strategy 404.962.4039
Andie Bruce Event Manager 404.962.4039
Susan Contreras Director 404.962.4004
Len Berg Assistant Director 404.962.4931
Kelsie Kruskol Research Analyst 404.962.4072
Rebekah Lankford Research Analyst 678.483.4127
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