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Logistics & Supply Chain

Georgia is the logistics and transportation hub of the Southeast and your direct access to the world. With an extensive line-up of distribution and warehousing facilities, world-class supply chain infrastructure, and the nation’s fastest-growing port, Georgia is ready to move your product efficiently and seamlessly.

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NO. 1
for Logistics and Infrastructure
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of the World's Top 3PL's Operate in Georgia
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of the U.S. Market Is Within a 2-Hour Flight or 2-Day Truck Drive
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Barton Lowery
“By combining large-scale online fulfillment centers [in Georgia] with Walmart’s world-class supply chain and 4,300 U.S. stores, we can serve more customers faster and at a lower cost.”
Brent Beabout, former Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics, Walmart Global eCommerce

Global Access

If your 3PL or distribution center is seeking to grow, Georgia is the place to be. When you choose Georgia, you are choosing a solid foundation of air, land and sea transportation that will enhance your business growth and keep you competitive in the global marketplace.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest airport and most efficient airport, contains three cargo complexes of more than 2 million square feet of warehousing and has the only USDA-approved On-terminal Perishables Complex in the Southeast.

It also handles more than 650,000 metric tons of cargo annually on 32 air carriers including Delta Air Lines.

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport uses North America’s first air cargo community system (ACCS). This communication system allows shippers, airlines, trucking companies, customs brokers, freight forwarders, cargo handlers and the airport to communicate electronically. The system improves airfreight operations by eliminating duplicate data entry work and excessive documentation, reducing overall logistics costs to enable better supply chain planning.

The Port of Savannah is the top seaport in the nation for American-made exports, third-busiest and fastest growing U.S. gateway for total container trade. It also has dedicated on-terminal rail facilities for Norfolk Southern and CSX. If you need to move product, Georgia is the best place to do it.


Logistics giants like Delta Air Lines, UPS, Saia and Manhattan Associates are headquartered in Georgia and help to lower your cost of business and make you more profitable. Other world-renowned brands like The Home Depot, Coca-Cola and Gulfstream also make their home base of operations in Georgia.
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Here are just a few of the logistics service providers, distributors, shippers, IT providers, and headquarters located in Georgia:
Blue Bird
Delta Air Lines
The Home Depot
Norfolk Southern
“Georgia is our home state and very important to us. The Port of Savannah is very strategic for the state of Georgia and for The Home Depot. About 20% of our imports enter through the Port of Savannah.”
Mark Holifield, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain & Product Development, The Home Depot

Distribution and Warehousing

Georgia’s extensive logistics line-up of distribution and warehousing companies strengthens your business’s reach to customers quickly and efficiently.
  • 85% of the world’s top 3PLs operate in Georgia.
  • 67 cold chain facilities located in Georgia with 189 million cubic square space.
  • The Port of Savannah has more refrigerated container capacity than any other East or Gulf Coast terminal, with over 2,000 reefer rack slots.

Ground Freight Transportation

Our top-ranked interstate highway system is designed to easily move products across Georgia, and out to neighboring states. Georgia’s 1,200 miles of interstate highways, including I-75, I-85, I-95 and I-20, and 20,000 miles of federal and state highways, keep companies moving quickly and efficiently. With 5,000 miles of rail, Georgia has the most extensive rail system and largest intermodal hub in the Southeast. Georgia is served by two Class I railroads – CSX and Norfolk Southern – and 24 short-line companies.

Center of Innovation for Logistics

The Center of Innovation for Logistics provides free consultation to Georgia companies, with analysis tailored to your business. This analysis can help you
  • Compare logistical benefits between potential sites
  • Evaluate road/rail routes and shipping lanes to recommend your best options
  • Gather pricing estimates for shipping and storage
  • Connect to providers of logistics, shipping and storage that best fit your needs


Your company’s success depends on recruiting, training, and retaining quality talent and skilled workers. Georgia is committed to providing companies a strong pipeline of qualified labor. Georgia has the 2nd largest labor force in the Southeast, made up of more than 5.1 million people. In fact, Area Development ranked Georgia as #1 for competitive labor environment (2020) and the workforce is continuously refreshed by the growing number of people who move to the state. Additionally, Georgia offers qualifying companies access to customized workforce training at no cost. Continuously ranked the No. 1 workforce training program in the nation, Georgia Quick Start is the premier partner for developing and delivering a strategic workforce.


The specialized Center of Innovation and Georgia’s experienced economic development team are major incentives dedicated to producing positive results for businesses and identifying ways to reduce costs, ensure a skilled workforce, and help businesses grow. The state’s business expressway is paved by a state government that moves business forward by removing roadblocks, and the tax structure benefits companies in multiple ways. Georgia’s corporate tax rate of 5.75% is among the lowest in the nation and is based on just one factor: your sales inside Georgia. When you learn about our jobs tax credit and other incentives available to distribution centers, you’ll know why so many view Georgia as good for business.

Logistics Brochure

For more on Georgia’s logistics industry, view our brochure.

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The state’s leading resource for facilitating business innovation, we help companies translate new ideas and technologies into commercially viable products and services.
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