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State of Georgia - Canada

Georgia is truly an international state with 3,000 foreign-owned facilities representing more than 60 nations.
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Ludovic Ortuno
Managing Director
  Standing at the crossroads of the Americas, Georgia offers you the world’s busiest and most efficient passenger airport, two deep-water ports, and the most extensive surface transportation network in the country. Last year, Georgia's economy supported $37.2 billion in exports and $91.4 billion in imports, making Georgia the top 12 exporting state and the 7th-largest import state in the U.S.

How can we help you?
Georgia’s international representatives offer confidential and no-cost services to foreign companies wishing to establish a subsidiary in the United States. We provided tailored support in all areas of the site location process to meet the specific needs of your company.

Georgia possesses a rare combination of assets, resources and people that come together to create a fertile environment where you can succeed. Learn more about our state’s investment, trade and tourism initiatives.
"It was on the one hand the brilliant support we’ve got from the State of Georgia and the City of Atlanta. That, second and I would say equal important that we can stick on our very proud and very experienced workforce we have here in Atlanta."
Bernhard Maier, Executive Board of Management, Porsche Cars North America, Inc
"What’s unique really about the whole Georgia environment, workforce and info-structure is the collaboration has been tremendous.”
Tom Gebhardt, President, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America
"We will continue to mutually grow and prosper with our partners in the community and in the great state of Georgia.”
Henry Kubota, President, Kubota Industrial Equipment
"By choosing West Georgia, Kia was able to take advantage of proximity to its future suppliers while benefiting from a solid infrastructure.”
Corinne Hodges, Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors

International Trade

What can our Canadian international trade representative do for you as an international company?

  • Identify Georgia suppliers of specific products and services
  • Arrange appointments with visiting Georgia companies seeking to do business internationally
  • Organize buying missions to Georgia
  • Provide information on key international business events in Georgia
  • Provide information on key contacts in Georgia such as lawyers, accountants, translators, interpreters, trade associations, etc.
  • Support companies’ marketing efforts with PR and press coverage

What can our Canadian international trade representative do for you as a qualified Georgia company?

  • Provide market assessment and entry strategies
  • Locate and pre-qualify appropriate partners and customers
  • Offer advice on current issues, local business practices and solutions
  • Assist companies in preparing for and participating in trade shows
  • Provide information on key contacts in market such as lawyers, accountants, translators, interpreters, trade associations, etc.
  • Set appointments for Georgia companies visiting their markets
  • Arrange delegations of international buyers to visit Georgia

International Investment

Our representatives around the world assist international companies to establish, relocate or expand their business operations in Georgia, USA. We will speak with you personally to help you determine the best location in Georgia for your company free of charge and without obligation. We provide the following free and confidential services:
  • Support in all areas of the location process including the identification of available sites, buildings and offices in Georgia
  • Organization of a trip to Georgia in order to tour proposed sites
  • Detailed information on industry sectors and operating costs in Georgia
  • Access to Georgia’s free labor training programs
  • Introduction to Georgia’s job creation and investment incentives
  • Contact to attorneys, accountants and local authorities in Georgia
Contact us about your expansion project in order to meet with a Georgia representative and receive additional information.
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Southern Charm
Georgia is a unique state in terms of its geography, history and culture. Key industries such as Arts, Commerce, Film, Music, and Tourism shape the economy and its people. We, as a state, integrate and support them collectively to create and sustain a diversified economy. And when we bring them together we have a very powerful story to tell.
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