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Community Partnerships

Our economic development successes are based on strong partnerships. Private–public partnerships give Georgia businesses a competitive advantage. Dozens of development agencies across the state collaborate on an ongoing basis to create partnerships that guarantee the future health and strength of Georgia's economy and the companies that drive it. The result is innovative programs that accelerate industry growth, help educate diverse workforces and connect business leaders, while creating thousands of new jobs and hundreds of new businesses.

Georgia Allies. Helps accelerate economic development by creating a powerful voice for Georgia's pro-business climate by building upon the professional relationships important to attracting, retaining, and growing world-class capital investment and quality jobs throughout Georgia.

Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Serves as an advocate and resource for local governments, operating state and federal grant programs including a variety of economic development incentives and tools designed to help promote growth and job creation throughout the state.

. The GRA focuses on technology-based economic development by recruiting world-class scientific talent, developing sophisticated research infrastructure and commercializing university R&D. . Successfully provides high-quality training services at no cost to new or expanding businesses across the state, and helps Georgia's workers adapt and thrive in the fast paced economy of the 21st century.
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